Every once in a while a new technology surfaces that has so much potential. I remember how mind boggling it was when I first saw examples of the content-aware tools in Photoshop. The tools allowed you to delete parts of an image and Photoshop would fill in the void with other parts of the image, as if the object that you deleted was never there.

I get a similar feeling when I look at this presentation that will be presented at the Siggraph 2013 Asia conference. The video speaks for it self:

The possibilities for manipulating images are endless. In my field the tech would simplify creating objects for visualizations significantly. Creating objects such as fences, lightpoles, simple constructions or site offices for 4D simulations would be made easier as you would only need a photo of the object to make a quick model of it. This would allow for making much richer visualizations that would help improve the understanding of processes. 

I can't wait to see this integrated in a product.