ICE ICE baby!

I have just returned from a two week road trip through France and Italy with Björg. The short version of the tour goes something like this:

We flew from Copenhagen to Milano, drove through the alps, went south through Gorge du Verdon, stayed in Chateuneuf-du-Pape and drove through Marseille and then along the coast the whole way to Genoa, where we headed back towards lake Maggiore and then returned.

This however is not the object of this post.

During our trip we saw some amazing landscapes that just can't be done justice with a single non-panoramic picture. I have a DSLR camera that does not have a panorama mode so what I do is I take multiple pictures that cover the area that I would like to capture and make the panorama afterwards.

For the last years I have been using Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) to create panoramas or to stitch images together. It works wonders, it is quick and can handle just about anything you throw at it. It has multiple modes, depending on if you have used a rotating or a planar motion to capture the panorama. I use it all the time at work too, it is handy for capturing photos of whiteboards including post-its with small handwriting.

The results from Microsoft ICE really shine however when capturing great open areas and landscapes. Here are two examples from our trip:

View from Les deux alpes at 3200m
View from Les deux alpes at 3200m
Entering Marseille
Entering Marseille

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  1. (Endurtekið frá FB) :Flott samantekt og myndir hjá þér Hjörtur. ICE virðist vera frábært forrit - það væri gaman að heyra meira af því við tækifæri. Annars geta snjallsímarnir gert ótrúlegustu panaorama myndir. Ásta tók t.d. nokkrar slíkar í Edinburgh, sem komu mjög vel út. En upplausnin er væntanlega miklu, miklu minni en mynd, sem tekin er með (góðri) myndavél.