New blog!

This is my new blog. At this point I am hoping the blog will function as an outlet for expressing myself.

My name is Hjörtur Sigurðsson.

I come from Reykjavík, Iceland originally but I have lived in Copenhagen for the past 5 years. English is my second, soon-becoming-third language as my stay here in Copenhagen continues. I plan to write mostly in English, although I might switch to Icelandic in some cases.

I work for a construction company here in Denmark. E. Pihl & Søn. I work with BIM (Building Information Models). Buildings and other structures used to be designed using 2D drawings, first on paper, then by using computer aided design (CAD) processes. These drawings require quite a bit of interpretation to be translated into a physical structure. Today structures are increasingly being designed in 3D in an object based environment, making the design of the structure computer-understandable. This opens the door to a world of possibilities from design to construction to operation of buildings and other structures.

I love the possibilities of new technologies. I love to tinker and experiment. This will hopefully be reflected in the coming blogs.

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